Helpful Apps to Find Your Lost SmartPhone-Android,Windows and iOS

Top 5 Helpful Apps to Find Your Lost SmartPhone

Android,Windows and iOS

Now days, we are aware from the use and necessity of SmartPhone phone in our Life.We can Just say that,We can’t imagine our life without SmartPhones.Because A SmartPhone give us ability to Do Many or almost Every thing Like Booking bus/taxi,online shopping, Chating,Net Surfing,Make & Edit Documents,Listing Music,Watching Movies and Most Important it connects us to the Whole World.Thats Why About 80% Mobile Phone Users have SmartPhone.So what will Happen & What to do if you lost your SmartPhone?.Answer of First question is “life will become hell” and The Answer of the second question is not as simple as you think about.But Preparation before problem will be better in this situation.we described below some of best apps to help you in this situation.We just choose best 5 apps to find Your lost SmartPhone(Android,iOS & Windows) . So before doing anything on your Smartphone ,Install any of the Following app and feel safe.

 These Apps are Able to find your lost SmartPhone and also gives the ability to Ring,Change Password,Erase Data etc.Features and required steps to find your Lost SmartPhone is also described in the description below. 
So Today I am going to tell you about the apps which have ability to find your SmartPhone( Android,Windows or iOS ) easily. The apps have discussed below one by one….
All Apps have to be pre-installed in the phone before This Situation.

1.Mobile Location Tracker(android)


location Tracker is one of the best android apps though which we can
track our mobile phone very easily. Wonderful thing of this app
is that it will work also when the GPS of mobile phone is OFF.So Download this app and set the TIME INTERVAL-TIME
INTERVAL between which we have to RECORD the Location. For example if we
set the TIME INTERVAL of 5 minutes then after every 5 minutes your phone
location will traced and saved.
Though this apps we can share your location by only one click. If phone has
lost then we can track our phone with neighbor phone. This tracking
apps can helpful to keep information of our family  and  friend’s phone.
More than 10 lakes person has downloaded this apps.

Mobile Location Tracker – Android Apps on Google Play 

Rating: 4 – ‎100,814 votes Price- ‎Free

2.Lookout Security & Anti virus(android & iOS)


security apps is  more helpful for WEB BEST CONTROL PANEL users. Though
the help of it’s Control Panel, users can locate own android device
easily. If it is also installed in the lost smartphone then you can also
Start Ringtone, enable GPS,lock SmartPhone etc through the help of this app.You can also delete your phone data from far distance away. And you
can also see the phone location in Map.
Now if you lost your smartphone and Lookout app was pre-installed and enabled in it then just go to official website and follow the given instruction and steps and find your lost smartphone’s location.You can also lock or erase data through this app.

Lookout Security & Antivirus for Android

Rating: 4.5 – ‎818,204 votes Price- ‎Free

Lookout – Backup, Security and Missing Device for iOS

Free for ‎iOS
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3.Android Device Manager(Android)


Android Device Manager is popular apps because it helps us to show the exact location of lost mobile phone. Same as all other app, this apps have to be pre-installed in phone before the situation. This device manager try to find the exact location,for that it uses inbuilt GPS setting of phone. Sometimes, it can not able to show exact location but last exact location of phone can be searched.You can connect with Google account after installing Android Device manager.
Through this apps, users can change the pin code of the lost device with the help of your Google account and you can also delete your lost phone data.
Android Device Manager feature can be
disabled if someone with the phone performs a factory reset.

Android Device Manager – for Android

Rating: 4.5 – ‎315,513 votes Price- ‎Free

4.Find My Phone (Windows Phone)
This apps is useful for windows phone. It can be download by that phone’s which  operating system based on windows 7 and windows’s if you download this apps then you can connect it with “”. After that your phone can be traced from any place.You can lock and delete the data of your phone with the help of this app.It is also able to change the mode of phone from silent to ringtone.
You can locate your lost device on the map of “”.
Like Google’s Android Device Manager, the Find My Phone feature can be
disabled if someone with the phone performs a factory reset.

5.Find My iPhone
Image From AppleInSider


A special app was design for the iPhone and iPade users which is able to show the location of lost iPhone  or iPad. This apps is available for only iOS users. It can be downloaded from the store of Apple iTune. To use this app , your phone should have operating system of ios 5 or above it. You will must use the service of Apple’s icloud with this app. This service can be downloaded from “”.

After download this service in iPhone, you have to make Apple ID from your phone. After this, when your phone lost then follow these steps.
Login to –“icloud service” after login you have to click on “ Find My iPhone”. After doing this, website will try to trace the location of your phone. Through the help of this app, you can delete the data of phone from meal of distance far.

Find My iPhone-for iphone 

Free – ‎iOS

Conclusion:-  Through the above given statement I tried to explain the steps and apps which will definitly help you to find your lost smartphone. Above given all apps are useful and important. If any apps will not work properly then you can contact me by giving your comment and also if you have any other well known app to track Smartphone, then please share with me.
Hurry up! Enjoy your wonderful life by avoiding the fear of losing mobile phone. Wish you all the best. Thanks to read my page.
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