Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks Part 2

Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks

part 2

Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks pART 2  ANDRO ROOT

As you know Android is the most widely used and customizable mobile OS.
Millions of apps, Updates, Roms, Stability, User friendly UI and also
its price makes it most popular Smartphone OS.
Last week i posted 10 Useful Android tips and tricks-Every New User should know about and Now I am Posting a sequel .If you’re ready to move onto some more tips for Your Android devices,you’ve come to the right place.Today we’ll cover some more tips & tricks for your Android Smartphone;

 So Here are some of the top tricks and tips for getting most from your android smartphone.

1.Safe Mode

Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks

Almost every operating systems have something called a “safe mode” that lets you boot up the system without running any third-party software.Safe Mode is extremely useful when your operating system is experiencing errors or problems and you don’t know if it’s being caused by the system or an app. If you are facing similar problem then just boot into Safe Mode and disable them before they have a chance to run.

➣How to boot into Safe Mode on Android 4.0 and older
  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Hold down the Power button of the phone.
  3. When you see the boot screen logo, hold the Volume Up + Volume Down buttons at a same time until it finishes booting.
  4. You should now be in Safe Mode.

➣How to boot into Safe Mode on Android 4.1+

  1. Hold down the Power button of your phone until a popup appears (as above) .
  2. On the menu, hold down the Power Off option until a popup appears.
  3. Tap OK to reboot into Safe Mode.
  4. Now Your phone will be Booted in Safe Mode.

2.Virus prank

Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks


No installation and scripts required for this prank.It will make your friends phone go crazy but it dose not do any real damage.
➣Step 1: Go to settings >developers option >activate the developers option.
2: In developer options,below drawing there will be a option show
surface updates click the check box and then relax its done. Screen will
go crazy make it look like a virus
➣Step 3: Just Untick “Show Surface updates” option to bring back device to normal.
*Credit :-shubham_bhatt (from instructables)
#Original post:-

    3.Speed dial

    Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks
    ➣Press and hold on the screen as shown in above picture.
    ➣Then click “Shortcuts,”
    ➣Then”Direct dial” or “Direct message.”will appears.
    ➣Select “Direct dial” to call or “Direct message” to send quick message
    ➣After selecting Direct Dial all saved Contacts will appears.
    ➣Now Select Desired Contact
    ➣Selected Contact will appears on the screen as picture above .
     Contacts with multiple lines might need multiple shortcuts, depending on which numbers you’re likeliest to call or message.

    4.Find your phone if it’s lost or stolen

    your Phone is Misplaced then Android Device Manager will help you in
    this situation. It tracks down your gadget with GPS so you can go and
    find it. If your phone is just lost, you can cause it to ring at full
    volume or display a message on the lock screen.If you don’t lock your
    phone, you can lock it remotely with a new password. Of-course, a savvy
    thief would have used that time to take over already. In the absolute
    worst case, you can wipe the personal information from your gadget. That
    way, no thief can get it.

    5.How to use your Google Maps offline

    •  Open Google Maps and search for your desired location.
    • Once you’ve found the location/area you want to save for later then any method from the list of three.
      • Method 1) Type “OK Maps” in the search bar.
      • Method 2)Tap the microphone icon and say “OK maps”.
      • Method 3)Tap the search bar, scroll all the way to the bottom, then and hit Save a new offline map.

    better Quality and Use, Pan and zoom until you cover the area you want
    to save for offline use, then tap Save and give the map a name.

    Once you have saved the map to your device, You can access it with following steps:-
    •  Tap the menu icon at the top left of Maps app.
    •  Then Your places.
    •  Scroll
      to the bottom of the new screen, then you should see all your saved
      maps under Saved places. Just tap the map you want to to view offline.

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      6.Scientific calculator in default calculator

      Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks


      am adding this trick because some of my friends don’t know that there
      is a scientific calculator is inbuilt in default calculator and for some
      very simple sin,cos & root calculation they downloaded a scientific
      calculator app from play store.
      Here is step to access scientific calculator in default calculator app
      to app drawer and open Default calculator app,when opened, then swipe
      your finger Right to Left on the screen as shown in above picture. Thats it now you can use scientific calculator in default app.

      7.ART Runtime

      Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks


      Users who want to try out the new runtime can switch to it by tapping Select runtime under
      Settings>Developer options , as shown above.Dalvik has been the default runtime environment of Android since its first public release.ART (Android RunTime) is a replacement for Dalvik that uses AOT (ahead of time) compilation, meaning your apps are compiled to a ready-to-run state before you even launch them, making the process of launching and using them much faster,Quicker and smoother. And since this would reduce their compilation frequency significantly, you can expect to start seeing better battery life.

      While ART isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, an early version of the new runtime environment has been included in KitKat,and there are many apps which are not works good with ART. so Try it at their own risk.

      8.Fitness functionability

      Android 4.4 KitKat basically has a pedometer built in and the
      sensors are sensitive enough to be able to distinguish between
      walking steps, running steps, and steps being taken up the stairs.KitKat has both step recognition and step counting abilities. For Example Use any app like Pedometer to count steps or distance,calories  & record everything about your health.

      9.Save battery in the GPS settings

      has a built-in setting that allows you to determine how you want your
      phone to find your location and it’s a nice way to save
      some juice. There are three different modes: 
      • High
        accuracy – highest battery use but best accuracy
      • Battery saving – 60% -70% accuracy,but best option, if you want to find location and save bettery together.
      • Device only – Use it If You Want to Save more battery.
      ➣1.Go to Settings > Location
      ➣2.Tap on “Mode”
      ➣3.Select your desired location mode

       10.Switch Between Launchers Fast

      Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks


      In previous versions of Android changing default launcher is not so easy,A third party app is required to do this task but now it become very easy and there are no need of third party app to do this task. Just simply go into the settings >Home>and select which launcher you want to run.
      i tried to Explain “10 More Top Android Tips and Tricks” in this post and i hope that it will definitely helps you to make Android Experience better.Do you have any other tips,tricks and tweeks?If answer is yes then share with us and others and make the Android Experience even more better… 

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