Turn Your Smartphone into a 3d Hologram Projector

Turn Your Smart Phone into a 3d Hologram Projector


Use your smartphone to project 3D holographic images and videos without any modification or 3D goggles Be mystified by images and videos popping over your smart phone!!All this from a piece of clear plastic sheet and your Smart Phone.


 How To Make 3D projection pyramid with plastic sheet.

Materials  Required

  • A  sheet of Clear Plastic or old plastic CD case
  • Scissors or Plastic cutter
  • Marker Pen
  • Transparent cello-tape.
  • Super glu .

Follow the steps & instructions below:


Step 01:-Take a paper and make a figure or diagram like attached image and cut it with the help of  Scissor.The tip of the pyramid here will a 1 cm square & Top is 8 cm square and the total hight is 5cm.  

Step 02:-Now take a plastic sheet or Cd case and trace outer shape on the clear sheet walls with marker.follow this step 3 more time because we need total of 4 wall to make this pyramid.

Step 03:-Cut the shape from plastic sheet with scissor or from CD case by using a Sharp Acto knife or glass cutter.
Step 04:-Now take 4 small pieces of tape and stick the 4 walls to give a pyramid Shape.as shown in images.

Step 05:-Now if you want to make it permanent fix then use the super glu and leave it for 10 minutes.

Now after following all above steps i hope you successfully made a  3D projection pyramid with plastic sheet. 
Now it is Show Time
So Play/download Some 4 faces videos from Youtube and enjoy the 3d Projection
Many more videos are available at Youtube for free so just search “Hologram videos” on Youtube and play your desired videos.

 Tips to get better visuals and Quality:-


Set the Brightness of your Smart Phone at maximum.
Switch off Room’s light.Make Room Darker.
  Use a Plastic Sheet or CD case with less scratches.

 How to create Your own hologram videos and images.

 Now If You want to create your own Hologram videos and images then there are some apps avilable on playstore but Holho Gallery is better then all so i am explaining the stepsto make your own hologram videos with holho gallery.

Holho Gallery


Holho Gallery is an app to be used with our Holographic pyramid.With this brand new application from Fabb,Now you can turn your favorite photo from your phone galleryinto a Hologram.
You have To just Pick a photo from phone’s gallery > make some settings and display it for the hologram generator.The generator need to be placed on the phone to see the hologram.

Download it from here

So At Last i hope you have created a 3d Hologram Projector and you are watching very cool and 3d hologram images and videos on it.
Andro Root
SK Yuvraj
Sourabh Kumar
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