How To Hide and Protect Private Files without any locker app

How To Hide and Protect Private Files without any locker app

Andro Root-how-to-protect-private-files-without-any-app-Andro Root
Now Days Smartphone is an essential part of our life.We can’t
imagine our life without Smart phones. Apart from calling and
texting we Use our Smartphone for socializing,Browsing and with it we live stay in touch with friends, family and relatives.We uses smartphone to listen music,shopping, banking and many more things.And Due To the storage capacity We Also store personal and
important information on mobile phones Like Bank Data and Documents,Private media and data.As the Demand,popularity,uses,dependence and number of
Smartphone is increasing, security risk is also increasing.  You can buy a new Smartphone or
tablet If we lost your Smartphone, but you will lose your data( necessary and private information).
                                               If Any one can access Your SmartPhone than they also can access your important documents, information,Pictures including your bank account password and can use it against you or something else.So Mobile security is very important.There are many applications and some  locker apps available that you can download from Play Store and take a step ahead to secure your important and personal documents or information.But these apps runs in background and it means it will definitely eat memory and due to it your Smartphone will work slower then before.
                                                                         But there are also some tricks which will protect Your Privete Files without any Locker and Security app.And with the help of these tricks You can Protect your all data and It will not Eat the memory and ram of your smartphone.So today i am going to show you that How To Hide and Protect Private Files without any locker app?
Hide and Protect Private Files without any locker app
Basically Android system creates”.abcd” files and Folders to hide system
files and media but we are going to use this trick To protect our own
media files and documents.I am Explaining Two almost similar Methods which will help you to Protect Your Private Files and Documents Without any Locker Apps in Android Smartphone.

   ✌  Method 1

protect-private-files-without-any-app-Andro Root

Step 1:- Download     
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Step 2:- Install FX file manager or any other free 3rd party file manager.
Step 3:- After Installing, Create a new(empty) file with name”.nomedia”.                  (only”.nomedia ” nothing before and nothing after it).
Step 4:- Paste it(.nomedia) in desired folder where all required files are exist .
it will hide your
files of a folder from Media apps like Galary,video /audio player and
some more media scanner apps,but not from File Managers apps.
protect-private-files-without-any-app-Andro Root
    For Example:- 
-I want to hide all data(Photos,videos,documents etc) from the folder “Androroot” as you can see the attached screenshots above.
-Simply i created the “.nomedia” file with fx file manager app.(screenshot-{1,2,3}{4})
-And i moved it to the desired folder.-And the result can be seen in screenshot (6) 
 ♞ How to Unhide:-
 > Go to the Desired Folder and open It.
 > Now from Filemanager app’s Setting set Show Hidden File
 > Just delete “.nomedia” file and restart your smartphone.
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  ✌  Method 2
protect-private-files-without-any-app-Andro Root
In preveous Method we just Created a file “.nomeda” which will hide your files of a folder from Media apps like Galary,video /audio player and some more media scanner apps only.But with the help of this method you can hide files and folders from everywher.
Step 1:-Open Any File Manager App
Step 2:-Now Choose Folder or Folders where all Desired Files are Stored.
Step 3:-Add a “dot” (.) before the name of the folder. 
Ex-if you have private media in the folder”Picture” then just simply rename it to “.Picture” .No reboot and 3rd party app required.with the help of this trick you can hide all media from everywhere even from file manager.
  For Example:- 
Again i selected a folder”AndroRoot”and pasted all of my private data in it.-Renamed it to “.Androroot”- All of files are not visible to the media app or everywhere even from file manager and sync data apps.
How to Unhide:-
 Go to File manager app>options>and tap on show hidden files.and remove dot from the folder name
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So These Tricks Will Help You to Hide and Protect Private Files without any locker app.These tricks will be very helpful for the slow end devices which has not capacity to run any locker app and do all normal task and work at same time.
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