USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer
This Summer The temperature will be higher then before as announced by some weather reports.and I guess Many people are busy in searching of some good cooler or AC, But They are costly and for bigger use.But when a small Cooler equipment needed for just for Computer users or addict then you have to search and compare each and every available option so let’s take some break and read our Post Carefully. In this Post, we are introducing some of the Cheapest and Smallest available USB Powered Gadgets variant of Fan, AC, Freeze, and Coolers which will Keep you cool in this hot summer.

List of best USB Powered Gadgets

1)USB Powered Gadgets – Portable and No Leaf Bladeless Cool Desk Tower Fan

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer


This is a Simple design of the tower, In it, One fan leaf adds wind.It has a good motor and strong with dense net and leakage fan are safe.You can Connect it with any USB port of a notebook, Laptop, PC, and charger but 5v 0.5A Required.There are High/Low two slots to adjust the speed of fan.


  • Power source: 5V 0.5A
  • Wattage: 2.5W
  • Length of the cable: 100 cm
  • Product weight: 280 g
  • Package weight: 420 g
  • Product size (L x W x H): 10.5 x 10.5 x 33 cm
Rs. 1,999.00
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2)Mini Fragrance Air Conditioner

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer
This Mini Fragrance Air Conditioner made of hard plastic.It can be operated by 3AA battery.You can also connect it with USB port of the laptop, PC, Power bank or any chargers.You can also use beads with 50ml water or ice cubes by inserting them in given storage box.
 Rs. 899.00Price:
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3)USB Mini Fridge

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer
Novel mini USB refrigerator can snugly fit a single can of beverage. The USB fridge will not only cool your drink down but can also heat it up. Compact and portable USB refrigerator can be used in your cubicle, home, office, bedroom or garage.It is a Mini USB powered fridge with both cooling and heating functions with Built-in green/red LED indicator, magnetic door catch.It will work with all USB port of laptop,pc, charger, So Keep your beverage cool/warm to drink at your computer side.It Can hold a single can.No driver required, plug and play supported.
Specifications :
Overall Size (L x W x H): Approx. 3.5 x 3.1 x 7.6 inch
Internal Size (W x H x Depth): Approx. 3.1 x 5.5 x 2.8 inch
Cable Length: Approx. 44 inch
Switch Control: “I” for heating, “II” for cooling, O for off
Working Voltage: 5V DC
Max. Power Consumption: 10W
Temperature Range: 8-9¡æ for cooling; 40-65¡æ for heating
Material: Plastic
Color: Black and grey
Rs. 1960.00+

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4)USB Portable Adjustable Fan

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer
 This is the Cheaper Slim & lightweight USB fan  That keep you cool on hot days. Works as simple as Plug And Play .It works virtually silent while offering a high air flow.You have to just Simply connect to one of the USB ports in your notebook, Laptop or any charger. It is Flexible and adjustable gooseneck directs the breeze to blow into the exact direction as you desired.Price:-Rs-179.00+                                                                     Buy it Now

5)Laptop Chill Mat

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer
I think your lovely Laptop also needs a cooler or AC to be cool so I have a good option for you this is good and cheap also.Ergostand laptop cooling stands made for 9″ to 17″ notebook, including widescreen. A perforated metal mesh with plastic rubber surface and a 700-1400 RPM speed cooling fan provide a chill mat for your laptop, removing considerable amounts of heat generated by the components inside and keeping them running efficiently. The fan provides maximum cooling while remaining quiet. Non-slip feet keep the stand locked in place for a sturdy setup.

Price:-RS.679.00+                                Buy It Now-Ergo Stand OSIM01 Laptop Cooling Pad

6)USB Desk Fan

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer


We have already introduced a cheaper and adjustable fan but this is also amazing because it will be stable than that fan.Because this is a Desk fan and you don’t  have to adjust the fan at right side and it’s face. Just Place it anywhere on the Pc table and adjust it a single time and Enjoy this.
Price:-Rs.506.43+                                                USB Desk Fan-Buy It Now

7)USB Heater

USB Powered Gadgets For This Summer

Forgot to drink your Tea/Coffee/Milk while working on PC/Laptop!!! Now no need to order a new cup or heat it again.. Mobilegear here present USB Warmer Pad which can keep your hot drinks warm within a temperature range of 40C – 70C. Grab it Soon!!!! Key Features: Keeps coffee, tea or drink warm at 40 – 70 Centigrade while you work. Easily use by plugging into PC or laptop’s USB port with low consumption. Compact and lightweight, great to keep in-house, office or carry in the trip. Safety designed with an aluminum heating plate and circuit chips. On and off switch. Red LED indication when warmer is turned on. The high-quality insulating material around the Metal-Warm holder plate protection against burning. The temperature will sink when other USB ports being used at the same time. Plastic and porcelain cup is not accepted for use of warmer. Steel cup is recommended.

So This Is our List of Some cool gadgets which will make you happy because they are not very costly and works well for a computer or laptop user.The cost can vary but not much.So buy them if you like any of them before the got out of stoke and ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS.

Feel Free to use Comment area if you find more Gadgets as above and keep sharing.

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  1. Wow! Nice gadgets. I'm sure they are very good in fron of computer. But if you have desktop computer or you don't move your laptop far from table it is more comfortable to install a lowpowered air conditioner in room. For example, it is good choise

    1. Hi!Margaret C. Mack .Thanks for comment and installing an low powered air Conditioner in room is good idea.But as you have added in your comment that "If you have a Desktop Computer".I think A Desktop User can use Usb Powered Desk Fan and Usb powered AC-No Bills, low Maintenance, Eco Friendly.

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