Is ChatOnGo for Business the next Big Thing?

ChatOnGo for Business App Review

Is ChatOnGo for Business the next Big Thing? _Andro_Root
With every passing day, there is a considerable growth in the number of apps. On an average, over 1000 apps get added to app stores every day but only a few make a mark. Only some are able to rise above the others. Every app made to excel in its respective category and with every passing moment the challenge to succeed rises by a notch.
The Business Communication App category has not been much in news. There was a rising importance of corporate apps for informal communication so that the communication gaps could be bridged. There was a need in the market for efficient team collaboration tools and when this need was realized, a large number of players jumped in to seize the opportunity. There are a few trying to rise above the others, make a mark and be among the top apps for the category.
A challenge to survive in the market existed for such apps as organizations believed in communicating on social networks which were free of cost. Such organizations were soon brought face the bitter truth a bit late. There was a downside to the free stuff, they weren’t designed to meet their needs; not only there wasn’t an effective flow of information but also there was a threat to security. There was a chance that the organizations would fall prey to corporate espionage or information leakages.
Among the plethora of business communication apps, there is one app swiftly making it to the top; ChatOnGo for Business. The app perfectly fills the gap that was there in the market, for communicating and for security. This business communication app brings organizations exactly what they need!
We know that it is almost impossible to have a standardized communication app to serve to every industry out there. Every industry has different needs, so apps need to be tailored to meet their specific needs. Though ChatOnGo for Business has a standard version on the app store but it can be tweaked to meet its client’s specific set of demands. The communication believes in adapting to the demands varying with every industry. In addition to this, they are continuously innovating to add more features to the app to address increasing demand for new features.
Adapting to changing business environment and innovation; isn’t this the key to beating the competition and not just surviving but thriving! ChatOnGo for Business follows this sacred mantra for success. Does this make it the next big thing that will shake the market for business communication tools? The app certainly seems to show promise but the question still remains. Will ChatOnGo for Business rise above all and shake the market for business communication apps?


Is ChatOnGo for Business the next Big Thing? _Andro_Root
Is ChatOnGo for Business the next Big Thing? _Andro_Root


ChatOnGo For Business – Android Apps on Google Play

Rating: 4.6 – ‎18 votes – ‎Free


About ChatOnGo:

  • ChatOnGo (COG) is an enterprise social network that is an employee engagement & team collaboration tool.
  • With ChatOnGo, you can connect to the everyone in your organization, share and search for information across teams and organize around projects and ideas so you do more.
  • ChatOnGo helps you get work done anywhere, anytime. You can even contribute and collaborate with your team on the go.
  • With ChatOnGo, you can connect with everyone in your organization. Share and search for information across teams and organize around projects and ideas.
  • With ChatOnGo, you’re just a click away from co-workers, information, and conversations.
  • Unlike other messaging apps you Don’t get distracted with personal messages. ChatOnGo is purely for business.
  • You can conduct polls, ask numbers on any of the intercom groups. Our smart tool will summarize the responses.
  • Web based rich admin panel to manage groups, users & lot of settings. All controlled by the Owners of the app.
  • Available on Play store and iTunes.

Features of ChatOnGo:

  • With unlimited group size ChatOnGo lets your company collaborate via group discussions & real time newsfeed.
  • You can create posts on one click within a group or post a poll. You can even schedule recurring posts periodically as per your needs.
  • Chat feature allows you to connect with any co-worker for a quick one to one.
  • Using this feature teams can cut down the time browsing through emails. Just type the phrase you are looking for and can get all the posts related to that within a group.
  • ChatOnGo allow considerable browsing convenience with various filters related to date, people & category.
  • Various privacy settings is given to admin to manage the posts & secrecy of content shared within the group. Owners control Admin rights.

How to use the ChatOnGo app:

  • One person has to download the app and register. This person would be the “Owner” of the app and would control everything that happens in the app.
  • By clicking on the icon on the top-left of the screen you would see a My Groups option. You need to click on that option, create a group by clicking on the + sign on the top-right corner.
  • Select the specifications of the groups as per your need and add members.
  • Once you add members from your contact list, they will receive text messages on their phone with an invite. The rest of the members are supposed to download the app via the link and they would automatically be a part of it.
  • You can further add owners and admins as you please.
  • **Currently, the limit is 5 users for free usage but we would be upgrading it to 25 very soon.

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In this post, We have talked about ChatOnGo App.ChatOnGo app is a multitasker app and can help you in many small and important Daily life or Business related tasks.The app is having easy to use UI and user will be friendly with it.ChatOnGo is not a Ram hungry app and can be used in low data also.So ChatOnGo is a nice app with some promising features.Currently, the limit is 5 users for free usage but we would be upgrading it to 25 very soon.Now Get your own opinion on the subject & App and visit ChatOnGo website for more details or download the app from Play store or iTunes.

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