Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad for PC Games

Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad for PC Games

3 Apps that allow you to Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad for PC Games

Android Smartphone is a playing an important role in our daily life.From Early Morning to late night they are making our life easier. Android Smartphone is all fun due to the vast freedom we enjoy in it, It is easy to use and having a wide range of features.As you know Android is popular because of their customization and Availability of wide range of apps for every single task and occasion.But in the field of gaming, Android Can’t beat Windows.Big Screen, Quality, Graphics, Joystick Makes the gaming Experience Awesome.People love to play games and more often on the big screen like a computer or laptop and enjoy even more playing with a joystick instead of pressing keyboard keys and scrolling, hovering the mouse here and there. Joystick and gamepad are easily available in the market and Attaching them to the PC or Lappy are not a big deal, But Now you don’t have to spend money to buy a gamepad because your smartphone can be used as a Gamepad. So You don’t have to worry about a gamepad on an occasion or outside party.Just Use any of the following Apps and transform your smartphone into a Gamepad.

Here is 3 Android Apps that will help you to

Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad For PC Games.

Ultimate Gamepad by NEGU Soft



This is the best app to Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad For PC Games.Install the Ultimate gamepad and turn your Smartphone into a multitouch joystick.By using Ultimate Gamepad on the smartphone you can connect through Wifi or Bluetooth in the most simple way. Install the Ultimate Control Receiver program on your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) and select it from the list displayed on your phone.Ultimate Gamepad provides a real button emulation, press several buttons with your thumb as you would on a regular controller.

Key Features:-
  • Very Easy to use.
  • Bluetooth Gamepad
  • Wifi Gamepad
  • Wireless Gamepad
  • Small Size
  • No Setting required
  • How to Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad For PC Games using Ultimate Gamepad
  1. Download and Install Ultimate Gamepad – Android Apps on your Android smartphone.
  2. Download and install the agent program from “” according to your PC’s Operating System.
  3. Switch on Either Bluetooth or Wifi Hotspot in Your PC or Lappy.
  4. Open the gamepad app in Smartphone.Now select Either Bluetooth or Wifi according to the previous step.
  5. Select the device from the available device.
  6. Now Configure the gamepad according to the game.

DroidJoy Gamepad Joystick by Florian Grill


DroidJoy turns your Android smartphone into a real gamepad device for your Windows PC. It offers a huge amount of controller configurations so that you can use it for multiple game genres. DroidJoy is not a simple keyboard mouse emulator, it is a real gamepad. The driver and the server are available for Windows XP and higher. Even 64 bit operating systems are supported. The server can handle up to 4 DroidJoy clients so that you can easily play multiplayer games with your friends by only using your smartphones. 

Key Features:-
    • Very Easy to use.
    • Bluetooth Gamepad
    • Wifi Gamepad
    • Wireless Gamepad
    • Layout available
    • Can be configure
    • Good UI
    • No Setting required
  • How to Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad For PC Games using DroidJoy Gamepad
  1. Download the DroidJoy Server software from download
  2. Install and start the Server on your PC.
  3. Be sure that your smartphone is in the same network as your PC. If you want to use Bluetooth be sure that your PC is set to discoverable.
  4. Download and install DroidJoy Gamepad Joystick full (Paid Version ~ 2-3$ ).
  5. Start the DroidJoy app. Navigate to the “Connect” window and click “Search server”. DroidJoy should now discover the Server automatically.

PC Remote by Jiang Lei

PC Remote is a Multi functional App with this cool app you can use your Android Smartphone as a Wireless keyboard, Wireless touchpad, wireless gamepad etc. You can build, customize and share the layout.You can also use your smartphone as a Remote Desktop and can control your PPT presentation.

Key features:

    • Devices simulation – Turn your device into a wireless keyboard, touchpad, wireless gamepad/ Bluetooth gamepad/ wifi gamepad and more.
    • Game play – Play all kinds of PC games with specified button layouts (race,fly,GTA…).
    • Customization – Build and share your own defined layout.
    • Multimedia controller – Adjust computer volume, play pause video. Pan tilt zoom UAC cameras.
    • Remote desktop – Touch windows on your phone.
    • PPT sync – You can see the ppt pictures and notes directly on your phone even play select & mark.
    • Projector – Project phone’s screen, pictures, videos onto PC monitor.
    • File access – Explore download and edit files between phone and PC.
  • How to Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad For PC Games using PC Remote
  1. Download and install PC Remote – Android Apps on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Download the PC Remote Receiver on your PC:
  3. Now connect both devices through Wifi.
  4. Select the desired option on the app.
  5. Set and configure the layout.
                            Special Apps For DIY Projects and Ideas
In this post, we have talked about Android app that can help you to Use your Android Smartphone as a Wireless PC Gamepad. Your PC and Smartphone will be connected through either WiFi or Bluetooth so connectivity depends on the range of the device but it is enough for playing any of the PC games.With these apps, you can use your smartphone as a WIfi Gamepad or Bluetooth Gamepad.From these three apps, two are free and one is Paid. So choose according to your requirement and also share your choice with us.If you know any better app please share with all of us using the comment section.

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