12 Very Useful but Probably Unknown Websites

12 Very Useful but Probably Unknown Websites Andro Root

12 Amazing but Unknown Websites

OMG! There are more than 1,241,879,999 Web sites online right now when I am preparing this post and I am not including dark web sites list in it.This milestone “1 billion websites on the web” was first reached in Sept.2014.This Number is increasing not day by day, but seconds by seconds.And just think a little bit, How many do you know from these 1 billion websites?

                              Hardly 50 to 100. wait for a second, Out of these 100 websites, there will be 3-7 social media websites and 2-5 Online shopping websites.Maybe, Remaining ~85 websites are first visited by you through Google search suggestions or social media or you just bookmarked and forget about them.Leave it, and Please don’t check your bookmarks because Still, there are more than 1 Billion Unvisited, Unknown secret Web sites remaining which are not visited by you.You don’t need any secret search engine to search and find these websites.We can’t and really can’t, visit these huge number of hidden websites one by one.So we have prepared a large number of website lists you probably don’t know about.
One more thing-“I am Using Words Like “ Hidden websites, Secret websites, hidden internet “, Not because that these websites are related to any dark web / Deep web content or any tor search engine suggestion, I am using them because Report says that most of the people only visit either top websites of the related category or top three results of google search results.”So This post is the first website’s list for hidden amazing websites.

It is One of the great websites of the web.As You know about QR codes that QR code is a very easy method to store useful information, Long Url etc in just a small picture of code.Now the website “Tag My Doc” allows you to tag all the required information on a document using QR Codes.You also can Print your Document with the QR Code.You just have to upload your document, And this website will generate a QR code for it. The QR Code will be attached in the document and now You can print your document with a QR.Free Account of Tag My Doc allows you to store up to 1GB of documents on the account, password protection, and the placement of the QR code on your document.

Click on a shortened URL could take you anywhere.And to protect you from shortened URL attacks. This Amazing Website “Unfurlr” checks a shortened URL and traces its path, so you can easily know that from where the link came from and whether or not it’s safe before clicking, and this secret website performs all these technical works without loading that content into your browser.

Noteflight is an online, web based music writing application and It allows and let a music lover create, view, print and hear professional quality music notation right in your web browser.

  • Lovely Charts ( Out of Work)

Lovely Charts is one of the Popular good websites.It is a Web based diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking diagrams, such as wireframes, flowcharts, sitemaps, organization charts,  and much more.

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Followupthen is the cool website for easiest email reminder..Just Forward your email to FollowUpThen, and it will arrive back the moment you need it.You just have to replace desired time with xyz in the email address”xyz@followupthen.com”.

    For example:-
    • if you will send an email to the email address:- 3days@followupthen.com, The email will arrive in your inbox after 3 days.
    • If 8pm@followupthen.com is used  – you will receive the email at 8PM today.
  • Scrim

Among all the useful tool scrim have a strong position.It is an Online Web based tool that protects your email address from spammers and hackers.It provides a safe layer of shareable email address over your actual email address.You will only receive emails from actual peoples.You will get less spam using scrim.

GetNotify is a free email tracking & Marketing system that sends you a notification by email as soon as the recipient opens your message or read your message. It works with virtually all modern email programs. The system is very easy to use.After Signup, You just have to add “.getnotify” after the receiver’s email address in CC or BCC.

Pective is an amazing unknown website or lesser known website. It will display the actual size of any item right on your monitor.You just have to search the item, type your screen size in inches, and it will display the actual size of any item.

Homestyler is the Best website for Interior Design. It is also a web based tool! EasyHome Homestyler is free and easy to use and get started.This website will allow you to see the result of your interior design ideas and remodeling dreams to life.

Boxoh is an amazing website and a simple tool, That can track and show you a real-time map of your UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL packages, along with more regional carriers. So you can easily know that where your package is.

This is one of the best Online websites on the web. Using Disposable web page, You can create a self-dying web page with a timer.You can Create a free temporary website that will self-destroyed in maximum 90 days.

Marker.to is a useful and great website for researchers and students.It is also very useful for people who use the internet to makes notes.It is used to highlighting part of a web page.
Marker.to will do the same for webpages as you do to documents with highlighter/marker pens.You have to install a browser extension or bookmarklet and run Marker.to simply by clicking on the icon, you can highlight text on a website with your mouse.Then it will give you a link of the modified web page and you can share it with others.

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So In this website’s list, we have listed some of the less known websites which are useful websites that can give you a better experience of the web.They are not listed in any order because all are equally good websites.As I already said that this is not a part of and dark web/ Deep web content, they are not as popular as other but will be beneficial for you.If you know more hidden websites / unknown websites you can share with us, On our social profile or in the comment section below.If you found anything beneficial and informative.Please share it with your friends on social websites, Using Newly added Share buttons.
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