Is UC Browser Really Safe? Risks and Solution

Is UC Browser Really Safe? Risks and Solution

Is UC Browser Really Safe? Major issues and risks with UC Browser

Hello Everyone, This is My Back to Back 6th Post in this single Month @Andro_Root.And Today in this post we will talk about a Very Popular and Multi-platform Browser that is having more than 500 Million Users Worldwide.Yes!You are right it is “UC Browser” and it is Correctly written, “500 Million users worldwide”.So In this Post, we will talk about The UC Browser and why UC Browser is not safe anymore? or Is UC Browser Really Safe?.And If you want to know why we and everyone are talking about UC Browser then there is a big reason, UC Browser is Under Scanning among Most of the Chinese Electronics Products by INDIAN Government, Due to some security risks and Identity leakage. 

We have prepared this article because Recently People started asking about:-
  • Is UC Browser Really Safe?
  • is UC browser safe 2017?
  • is UC browser a virus?
  • is UC browser Chinese?
  • Alternative browsers of UC Browser?

and Most interesting one was:-

  • what is the use of UC browser?
So in this post, we tried to solve all the queries and we are starting with Introduction of

UC Browser:-

UC Browser a very popular web Browser for Mobile and Android Smartphones. UC Browser is developed by UCWeb a company which is owned by Alibaba.UC browser is using two techniques, which are cloud acceleration and data compression. It’s servers act as a proxy which is very useful to compresses and renders the data of web pages before sending it to users. This all technical process helps to load web content faster.It supports multi-file format downloading. In addition, It has the feature of “fast download” which helps to increases the downloading speed using multiple thread connection download technique. It also has HTML5 web app and cloud syncing features.UC Browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers in China and India.UC Browser is First introduced for Java Based Phones than for Symbian Phones, then for all Smartphones.There are many variants of UC Browser like:-
  • UC Browser –  Main Browser -Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Windows Phone
  • UC Mini – Small browser for low data usage.
  • UC Browser HD – For Android Tablets.
  • UC Browser for Windows-based on Chrome for Windows computers.
I don’t know the exact time but Recently a news app is introduced named as UC News by same Alibaba group, for news and updates.
Let’s Talk about the

Features of UC Browser:-

  • Speed – UC browser is using cloud acceleration and data compression technology.
  • Low Data Use – It’s servers act as a proxy which is very useful to compresses and renders the data of web pages.
  • Fast download – Multiple thread connection download technique.
  • Customizable – Themes and Custom background.
  • Support multi-file format downloading.
  • In built ad blocker.
  • Multi-platform support.
  • Latest new and updates on the homepage.
  • Instant social media notifications & Live Cricket Updates.
  • Day and night Mode.
  • Bar code scanner.
  • Streaming Video Downloads.
  • Inbuilt Video and Music player.Image browser and File Manager.
So now let’s talk about

Risks and Problem and issues with UC Browser:-

Actually, The company UC web pays more attention to its features compared to security. After some quick research on this topic, we have found that the problem and risks are not started very recently. it is very old and well-known problem. which may be there from the beginning.The Citizen Lab from the University of Toronto has tried to contact with UCWeb and Alibaba about the issues regarding the UC browser, but they haven’t received any answer except for a promise to look into the matters.

So here are the Reported issues, Problems, and Risks with UC Browser:-

  1. UC Browser vulnerability – Logjam, FREAK and POODLE vulnerability is found in UC Browser – According to Qualys SSL Lab test.
  2. UC Browser virus-Time to Time UC Browser is detected as Trojan, Malware, and Adware by Users and many security tools.
  3. Anti-malware company Malwarebytes detected UC Browser as a Trojan virus
  4. It is proved many times that UC Browser is sending details of  Web sites you visit, Pages you like, Images you click, Videos you watch, Search terms, New keywords, Personal detail, and bookmark details to a server which is located in China.
  5. In 2015, Edward Snowden ( The former NSA contractor ) has revealed in a document that why the UC browser is not safe for the users?
  6. 2015-UC Browser leaks sensitive IMSI, IMEI, MSISDN data, Android ID, MAC address and users Geolocation & Wi-Fi related data without any encryption; which was used by intelligence agencies to track users
  7. In 2015, Citizen Lab published news about the leaking of private details of several UC Browser users.
  8. In 2015, UC Browser identified as a security weak point by Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).
  9. In 2015, Cooperation with its Five Eyes partners, ASD hacked the UC Browser and infected smartphones with spyware.
  10. In 2016, Again the Citizen Lab reported that there are some major security and privacy issues in the English language and Chinese language editions UC Browser.
  11. In 2016, Citizen Lab also managed to bypass the encryption of UC Browser accusing them of using non-effective encryption systems in transmitting personally identifiable subscriber data, mobile device identifiers, and user geolocation data.
  12. June 2016, Under Alibaba group UC Web provided the Citizen Lab an updated versions of UC Browser, to verify their security fixes, But final Report after the test indicates that all of the previously identified data leaks and privacy breaches had not been fixed in UC Browser.
  13. And Now In 2017, It is under scanning by Indian Government.The government of any Country will not do this thing without any suspicious act, Proof, and issues.
So I think this list of reports and documents by very well reputed companies, tool, and security experts will be enough to give the correct answer and reply to those questions and queries which are related to the safety of privacy with UC Browser or Is UC Browser Really Safe?.This list is also enough for you to Not Use UC Browser.Now, in addition, we also prepared a list of problems which are reported by Users of UC Browser.You May Also Like:- Top 12 Cool Tricks Where a Pen Drive can be Used
12 Very Useful but Probably Unknown Websites

Additional Problem with UC Browser Reported By Users on PlayStore:-


  1. Ad Blocker does not work well.Especially in POP UP Ads.
  2. UC Browser downloads UC News and its Update in Background without asking or request.
  3. Forced UC News Promotion. and Also Force user to Download UC News App very rapidly.
  4. Force Notifications about products and websites.
  5. Sometimes It does not opens complete pages.
  6. Force user to use its Lockers, Battery Optimizer, and cleaners apps.

So Here is the Complete list of 19 Major issue and risks with UC Browser.And I think all of them are enough to give reason to Not use UC Browser and also enough to give a clear answer to the question Is UC Browser Really Safe?.And if you still want to use UC Browser because of its cool features follow these 8 tips and reduce the risks of UC Browser.

Is Really UC Browser is Safe? Risk and Solution Andro Root

8 Tips to reduce the Privacy risk of UC Browser:-

  1. Change all passwords which are saved in UC Browser, using any Alternative Browser.
  2. Do not use UC Browser for login into Banking.
  3. Do not use UC Browser for Online Shopping Transaction.
  4. Do not use UC Browser for Online Transaction.
  5. Never Login and Save your data (User data + password).
  6. Disable Auto Save feature.
  7. Do Not use UC Browser for login into your social Accounts and profiles.
  8. Use Any Alternative Browser to do Banking task, Login into the Social profile, and do online shopping.

So Now after all our research we have found all these problems and risks, These points also force us to think about Is UC Browser Really Safe? so now let’s talk about all Alternative browsers.

6 Alternative Browsers of UC Browser:-

Replacing UC Browser with other alternative Browser is the best protection against Privacy Risks, Personal Data leakage, and data theft.So here is the list of 6 Alternative Browsers of UC Browser, I am not explaining features of these browsers because this post is not about the Best Browser or also not completely focused on Alternative Browsers of UC Browser this post is about Safety risks of UC Browser and how to reduce them.Try these browsers and they will do the same work that UC Browser was doing.But the positive thing about the replacement is that your Privacy, Personal data, Internet work and use will not be theft and shared with agencies.So Here is the list of 6 Alternative Browsers of UC Browser.
  1. Chrome Browser
    • Very Well Reputed.
    • Having Do Not Track Features.
    • Safe and Secure.
    • Fast and responsive.
    • Can Play Web Videos and multimedia.
  2. CM Browser
    • Fast Download Mode
    • Day and Night light setting
    • In Built, Powerful Ad Blocker for Android
    • Some similar features like UC Browser.
    • Safe and Secure.
    • Fast Browsing.
  3. Firefox
    • Very Well Reputed.
    • Many Ad-on.
    • Add -on like Ad Blocker for Android, Anti Spyware, Downloader, and Automat tasks.
    • Responsive.
    • Can Play Videos and multimedia.
  4. Opera
    • For Low data uses Opera mini is Available.
    • Proxies can be added.
    • Safe and Secure.
    • Fast and responsive
  5. Dolphin browser
    • Multi-Download
    • Fast and Responsive.
    • Quality add-ons.
    • Can play all Multimedia.
    • Fast Download.
  6. Boat browser
    • Small and Fast.
    • Some similar features to UC Browser.
    • Responsive.
    • Clear UI.
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So We are at the end of this Post ” Is UC Browser Really Safe? Risks and Solution“.We have discussed  UC Browser, Issues and risks of using it, Safety tips and Alternative Browsers of UC Browser.After Reading this post you can easily get the answer to the question “Is UC Browser Really Safe?”My Answer is – ” UC Browser is really not Safe it has major security risks and data leakage issue.Without proper and complete Fixes don’t Use it.Follow the provided safety tips and if possible replace UC Browser with Alternative, safe, secure browser. “The company UC Web and Owner Group Alibaba are not paying attention to the security.They are just offering features, and that is not enough in this Technology Modified World.Share your views with us using the comment section and Please Share this article with your friends and warn them about the risks.Keep Visiting.

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