How to Update Any Smartphone to Android Oreo

How to Update Any Smartphone to Android Oreo Andro Root
Update Any Smartphone to Android Oreo 8.0

Android Oreo ( Android 8.0) is the Latest version of Android OS for Smartphones and tablets.For some phones it has been already announced, the remaining ones are in the queue, and are waiting for any announcing or custom ROMs.The bad news is that some of the companies are not very active to provide regular updates even after the announcement.So in this Post first we will provide a list of devices which are getting Android Oreo Update and guide yo to Update anysmartphone to Android Oreo. and if Your Smartphone is not listed then don’t worry because we will also provide you a trick to use, feel and experience Android Oreo in your own Smartphone.So First check your luck and Smartphone in the list Of Smartphones that are getting Oreo Update:

List of Smartphones that are getting Android Oreo Update:-

Acer Oreo Update

Here is the List Of  Acer Devices that may or may not get the Android O 8.0 update.

    1. Acer Iconia Talk S
    2. Acer Liquid X2
    3. Acer Liquid Z6 Plus
    4. Acer Liquid Z6
    5. Acer Liquid Zest
    6. Acer Liquid Zest Plus

Asus Oreo Update

Here is the official list of Asus Devices which will get the Android O 8.0 update.

    1. Asus Zenfone 3
    2. Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe 5.5
    3. Asus Zenfone 3 Laser
    4. Asus Zenfone 3 Max
    5. Asus Zenfone 3s Max
    6. Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra
    7. Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom
    8. Asus ZenFone 4 (ZE554KL)
    9. Asus ZenFone 4 Max (ZC520KL)
    10. Asus ZenFone 4 Max Pro (ZC554KL)
    11. Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie (ZD553KL)
    12. Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro (ZD552KL)
    13. Asus Zenfone AR
    14. Asus Zenfone Go(ZB552KL)
    15. Asus ZenFone Pro (ZS551KL)
    16. Asus Zenfone Live(ZB501KL)
    17. Asus ZenPad 3s 8.0
    18. Asus ZenPad 3s 10
    19. Asus ZenPad Z8s
    20. Asus Zenpad Z8s (ZT582KL)
    21. Asus ZenPad Z10

Google Oreo Update

Here is the list of Google devices which will receive the Android Oreo 8.0 update.

    1. Google Nexus Player
    2. Google Pixel
    3. Google Pixel XL
    4. Google Pixel 2 
    5. Google Pixel C

HTC Oreo Update

Here is the list of  HTC device which will receive the Android Oreo 8.0 update.

    1. HTC 10
    2. HTC 10 Evo
    3. HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle
    4. HTC Desire 10 Pro
    5. HTC U11 
    6. HTC U Play
    7. HTC U Ultra


Huawei Oreo Update

Here is the list of Huawei devices that may or may not get the Android O 8.0 update.
    1. Huawei GR3 2017
    2. Huawei Honor 8 Lite
    3. Huawei Honor 8 Pro
    4. Huawei Honor 9(AL00, AL10, TL10)
    5. Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design
    6. Huawei Mate 9
    7. Huawei Mate 9 Pro
    8. Huawei Nexus 6P
    9. Huawei Nova 2(PIC-AL00)
    10. Huawei Nova 2 Plus(BAC-AL00)
    11. Huawei Nova Lite
    12. Huawei P8 Lite 2017
    13. Huawei P9
    14. Huawei P9 Lite 2017
    15. Huawei P10( VTR-L09, VTRL29, VTR-AL00, VTR-TL00)
    16. Huawei P10 lite (Lx1, Lx2, Lx3)
    17. Huawei P10 Plus
    18. Huawei Y7 Prime

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Lenovo Oreo Update

Here is the list of Lenovo devices that will receive the Android 8.0 O Update.

    1. Lenovo A6600 Plus
    2. Lenovo K6
    3. Lenovo K6 Note
    4. Lenovo K6 Power
    5. Lenovo K8 Note
    6. Lenovo P2
    7. Lenovo Zuk Edge
    8. Lenovo Zuk Z2
    9. Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus
    10. Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro

LG Oreo Update

Here are the list of LG devices which are expected to receive Android Oreo 8.0 Update.
    1. LG G6( H870, H870DS, US987, All carrier models supported as well)
    2. LG G5( H850, H858, US996, H860N, All carrier models supported as well)
    3. LG Nexus 5X
    4. LG Pad IV 8.0
    5. LG Q8
    6. LG Q6
    7. LG V10(H960, H960A, H960AR)
    8. LG V30 (Upcoming) 
    9. LG V20(H990DS, H990N, US996, All carrier models supported as well)
    10. LG X Venture

Motorola Oreo Update

Here is the list of Motorola smartphones that will receive the Android 8.0 “Oreo” update.
    1. Moto G5( All Models)
    2. Moto G5 Plus( XT1684, XT1685, XT1687)
    3. Moto G5S
    4. Moto G5S Plus
    5. Moto Z( XT1635-03)
    6. Moto Z Force
    7. Moto Z2 Play
    8. Moto Z Play
    9. Moto Z2 Force
Source, list, and guide:-

Nokia Oreo Update

Here is the list of Nokia devices which will receive the Android 8.0 update.

    1. Nokia 3
    2. Nokia 5
    3. Nokia 6 
    4. Nokia 8

OnePlus Oreo Update

Here is the list of OnePlus devices which will receive the Android Oreo 8.0 update.

    1. OnePlus 3
    2. OnePlus 3T
    3. OnePlus 5

Oppo Oreo Update

Here is the list of Oppo devices which will get official Android Oreo 8.0 update.

    1. OPPO A57 (Controversial)
    2. OPPO A77
    3. OPPO F3 Plus
    4. OPPO F3
    5. OPPO R11
    6. OPPO R11 Plus
    7. OPPO R9S
    8. OPPO R9S Plus

Samsung Oreo Update

Here is the list of Samsung devices which will get official Android Oreo 8.0 update.

    1. Samsung Galaxy A3( 2017)(A320F)
    2. Samsung Galaxy A5( 2017)(A520F) , (2016)(A510F, A510F)
    3. Samsung Galaxy A7 ( 2017)(A720F, A720DS)
    4. Samsung Galaxy A8 ( 2017)(A810F, A810DS), (2016)(A710F, A710DS)
    5. Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)(SM-A9100)
    6. Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
    7. Samsung Galaxy J7v
    8. Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (2017)
    9. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro(2017)
    10. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime(G610F, G610DS, G610M/DS)
    11. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Upcoming) 
    12. Samsung Galaxy Note FE
    13. Samsung Galaxy S8(G950F, G950W) 
    14. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus(G955,G955FD) 
    15. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(G935F, G935FD, G935W8)
    16. Samsung Galaxy S7(G930FD, G930F, G930, G930W8)

Sony Oreo Update

Here is the list of Sony devices which receive the Android Oreo 8.0 update.

    1. Sony Xperia A1 Plus
    2. Sony Xperia A1 Touch
    3. Sony Xperia X
    4. Sony Xperia X( F5121, F5122)
    5. Sony Xperia X Compact
    6. Sony Xperia X Performance
    7. Sony Xperia XA
    8. Sony Xperia XA1
    9. Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra( G3221, G3212, G3223, G3226)
    10. Sony Xperia XZ( F8331, F8332)
    11. Sony Xperia XZ Premium( G8141, G8142)
    12. Sony Xperia XZS(G8231, G8232)

Vivo Oreo Update

Here are the Vivo devices that are getting the Android Oreo Update.
    1. VIVO X9
    2. VIVO X9 Plus
    3. VIVO Y53

Xiaomi Oreo Update

Here is the list of Xiaomi devices that will get Android 8.0 Oreo update.
    1. Xiaomi Mi 5s
    2. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus
    3. Xiaomi Mi 5X
    4. Xiaomi Mi 6
    5. Xiaomi Mi Max
    6. Xiaomi Mi Max 2
    7. Xiaomi Mi Mix
    8. Xiaomi Mi Note 2
    9. Xiaomi Redmi 5A
    10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
    11. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Upcoming)
    12. Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 (Upcoming)

YU Oreo Update

Here are the Yu devices that will get the Android 8.0 update.

    1. Yu Yunicorn
    2. Yu Yunique 2
    3. Yu Yureka Black
    4. Yu Yureka Note
    5. Yu Yureka S

ZTE Oreo Update

Here is the list of ZTE devices which may receive the Android O 8.0.

    1. ZTE Axon 7
    2. ZTE Axon 7 Mini
    3. ZTE Axon 7s
    4. ZTE Axon Elite
    5. ZTE Axon Mini
    6. ZTE Axon Pro
    7. ZTE Blade V7
    8. ZTE Blade V8
    9. ZTE Max XL
    10. ZTE Nubia Z17

This long list is prepared with the help of some of the well-known websites :

Source of this List


  • Google Developers website
  • Official Websites and handlers of Smartphones Manufacturer Companies
                                                    Use Your Smartphone As a Gamepad for PC Games
So if your Smartphone is listed here, Than Don’t worry about ” How to Update Smartphone to Oreo” Because Either you will receive Automatic Update through OTA Updates or they will provide the guide on ” How to Update your Smartphone UI to Oreo Manually”. You just have to keep eyes on their Social Pages and Web sites.
How to Update Any Smartphone to Android Oreo Andro Root
Now If your Smartphone is Listed in above list then you can follow this method to:

Method 1: Install Android Oreo on Any Android Smartphone using OTA update

  1. First of all, Make sure your Smartphone is fully charged or at least 80% charged.And having a good internet connection.
  2. Now open your device’s Settings app.
  3. Scroll down and go to About Phone Section.
  4. Click on Software Updates.
  5. Now give it few seconds to check for any software Update for Your Smartphone.
  6. If there is any Official Update available for your smartphone it will ask to allow it to download and install automatic Update.
  7. After Allowing it, the update should start downloading. Once the Update gets downloaded. The device will automatically flash and reboot into the New Android 8.0 Oreo. That’s it.Enjoy the Latest Android 8.0 on your device.


Method 2: How to Upgrade Android Version Any Smartphone to Android Oreo Manually :

Follow this Method If :
  • You are having a Rooted Smartphone, and not getting any Android OTA Update Notification after Rooting.
  • There is Any Android Oreo Custom Rom, Unofficial ROM / Flash File Available For Your Smartphone.
There are two ways to Install Android Oreo In your Smartphone Manually:-
  1. Find and install Any Android Oreo Custom ROM
    • Step 1: Find an Android Oreo Custom Rom for your Android Smartphone.
    • Step 2: Find and Install Custom recovery on your Smartphone.
    • Step 3: Boot into Recovery Mode.
    • Step 4: Make a Complete Backup.
    • Step 5: Clear Data, Cache, and Dalvik Cache.
    • Step 6: Flash The Custom ROM’s.Zip File.
    • Step 7: After Completion: Reboot.
  2. Find any Android Oreo Unofficial Update for Your Android Smartphone And Flash it using Andro Root’s three guides (According to your ChipSet)

Method 3: How to convert UI of Any Smartphone to Android Oreo

So in this part of the post, I am going to show you how to update UI of any Smartphone to Android Oreo without installing ROM and Updates.
                                   Actually, we are installing Oreo-style launchers for Android Oreo feel in Your Smartphone and hence Your default Android UI will look alike Android Oreo without doing any Permanent Changes in your Default Android OS.

How to Install and Experience Android Oreo Ui in Any Smartphone:

  1. Go to your Phone’s Settings.
  2. Open Security.
  3. Enable Unknown Sources.
  4. Now Install one of following Five Oreo-style launchers.
    1. Rootless Pixel Launcher
    2. Nova Launcher
    3. Google Now Launcher
    4. Launcher 3
    5. O+ Launcher (Contains Ads)
  5. Once the App file is successfully installed, press the home button on your phone and choose your installed Launcher.
                                               How To Unbrick Any Android Smartphone

So This is the ultimate guide For all of them who are searching on the internet for “How to Update Any Smartphone to Android Oreo “.In this Post we have talked About Smartphones and devices that are getting Android Oreo Update, Methods to Update Any Smartphone to Android Oreo (Android 8.0) and Some Oreo-style Launchers to give you feel and experience of Android Oreo on Any Smartphone.If you have any suggestion and information related to this post Please use the comment section to share with us. Keep visiting and don’t forget to share with others.

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