Samsung SM-J260G The first Samsung Android Go Smartphone

A lot of upcoming devices are initially spotted on Geekbench database Recently. And now A new entry-level  Samsung smartphone has been also spotted in the Geekbench database as SM-J260G, it’s an entry-level smartphone that could be the first Samsung Android Go Smartphone.So in This Post we will talk about all the known details of Samsung SM-J260G.

The Geekbench database listing shows some of the details of the first Samsung Android Go Smartphone “Samsung SM-J260G”.  And there are also some rumors that it could be named as the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core, though Samsung is yet to confirm all these details.Samsung SM-J260G is listed with a motherboard that is called the “universal7570_go” and the word “go” in the codename hints the device as an Android Go smartphone.

What is “Android Go”?

Android Go or Android Oreo (Go edition), is an optimized and cropped version of Android OS designed to run on entry-level smartphones to provide a better experience with low-level hardware. The Operating system, Google Play Store, and Google apps are Optimised to provide a better experience with low-level hardware.The operating system will run on smartphones with 512 MB to 1 GB of RAM.The OS takes half the space compared to the previous Android version Nought, In this way the user will have more free space for all their media and other files.This is also the reason that the most of the smartphones powered by Android Go come with 8 to 16 GB storage.Additionally, The Android Go is said to open apps 15 percent faster and has the “data saver” feature for Android Go users by default to help them consume less mobile data. Many of the smartphone brands like HMD Global (Nokia 1), Lava (Z50), and Micromax, are already using Android Go on their Smartphones and now Maybe Samsung is entering in the market with the first Samsung Android Go Smartphone “Samsung SM-J260G”.

Samsung SM-J260G the first Samsung Android Go Smartphone

Samsung SM-J260G Known Details

As per the Geekbench database listing, Samsung SM-J260G smartphone includes 1GB of RAM and still runs Android 8.1 Oreo. Which again hints the device as an Android Oreo ( Go edition) smartphone.The Samsung smartphone is listed with a Motherboard/SoC that is called the “universal7570_go” which is also an optimized version of the Exynos 7570 that has four ARM Cortex-A53 cores at a clock speed of 1.43GHz.

ADNAN F. at SamMobile first reported the Geekbench listing and believe that Samsung SM-J260G might be launched as part of Samsung’s Galaxy J entry-level series, as the Galaxy J2 Core but there’s no official confirmation of that.

Nothing is Officially confirmed yet and we need to wait until the official confirmation from Samsung on the name as well as specifications of the listed smartphone.I don’t know when will this happen but One thing you can’t ignore that the South Korean company Samsung is working on a device Samsung SM-J260G which has 1GB of RAM, universal7570_go Motherboard, and four ARM Cortex-A53 CPU clock speed of 1.43GHz.

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Source: Geekbench listing SamMobile

What do you think about Samsung SM-J260G Specifications and Name ? Would you buy Samsung SM-J260G Smartphone for yourself??

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