“Kerala Flood Relief”: Kerala, We are with You !!!!

We Celebrated 15th August and also mourned the death of Atal Bihari Vajpei Ji, Recently, But now it is time for really doing something for Our country and Peoples who need our Help. We can’t do anything from here but at least we can donate some money so even government and other helping hands can do something for Kerala and Peoples who are struggling there to stay alive. Don’t look at how small the amount is or how big it is, you can Donate 10 rupees and also 1000 rupees, just try your best and please try to contribute something for them even your single penny will matter a lot for them. #KeralaFloodRelief  #KeralaReliefFund.   


Small Contribution from Our Andro Root Team till now: 200+500+600+50+1500=2850 INR and still counting

# Andro Root We are with you kerala.

“Kerala, We are with You !!!!”

#StandWithKerala & Tell Us and Everyone How much you have contributed/ donated for the #KeralaFloodRelief Using the  Comment Section, and Request other to do the same. Thank You !!

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